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Remembering the Fallen of Jerusalem 1929

On Sunday, August 5, Im Tirtzu gathered together with the "First Jerusalem" Center on the Mount of Olives to commeorate the 133 individuals who were murdered in the riots in 1929.  Kaddish was recited by survivor Samuel Zephania.

A discussion was held afterwards in a neighborhood near the Damascus Gate.  MK Uri Ariel said: We sometimes forget our own history and because of this I am here.  The phrase "If I forget thee Jerusalem" is not just an oath; it is an imperative.

Ronen Shoval, Chairman of Im Tirtzu, spoke movingly about one of the victims, Dr. Chaim Yizraeli who immigrated to Israel in 1922 to serve as a doctor the community as a doctor.  As he came out of the stables to estimate the number of rioters, he was shot directly in the heart.

Ronen Shoval concluded his remarks with the statement: We will not forget the victims of these riots.  We will not forget their bravery in the face of these bloodthirsty rioters.  We will not forget the indifference of the British.  The lessons that we have learned are that we will not let other nations play with our lives.  As Zionists, we choose to take our fate into our hands, in Israel or abroad, whatever the cost.

Memorial discussion