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Im Tirtzu is an extra-parliamentary movement that works to strengthen and advance the values of Zionism in Israel. Im Tirtzu was established in 2006, after the Second Lebanon War, by Israeli intellectuals, students and IDF reservists. Im Tirtzu's main objectives focus on working towards a renewal of the Zionist discourse, Zionist thinking and Zionist ideology, to ensure the future of the Jewish nation and of the State of Israel and to advance Israeli society in coping with the challenges it faces. A major portion of Im Tirtzu's efforts is devoted to combating the campaign of de-legitimization against the State of Israel and to providing responses to Post-Zionist and Anti-Zionist phenomena.

Im Tirtzu operates thirteen branches at universities and colleges throughout Israel, based on the understanding and the recognition of the fact that the student population must necessarily constitute the major vehicle of Zionist renewal. In recent years, Im Tirtzu has become one of the most important and influential organizations in the Israeli public arena. The movement maintains close ties with various actors in the Israeli political sphere, and its representatives have access to decision makers and high-ranking government officials in Israel. The Movement's reports have become an important instrument in the formation of public opinion and in policy formulation by various parties in Israel.

Im Tirtzu's Activities


Im Tirtzu operates thirteen branches in universities and colleges throughout Israel. The movement contributes to the strengthening of the Zionist and Jewish identity of Israeli students and encourages them to participate in Zionist activities in the Israeli academic sphere.

     Solidarity and Mutual Commitment

One of Im Tirtzu's main objectives is to develop a sense of solidarity and mutual commitment among the different factions of Israeli society. Since 2006 tens of thousands of students have volunteered under the movement's auspices, working towards the absorption of new immigrants, supporting students in need of assistance, helping Holocaust survivors, working with farmers in the Negev and Galilee, volunteering in Sderot, helping minorities to integrate in Israeli society, supporting soldiers and standing firm against anarchist demonstrators, planting forests, etc.

     Public Campaigns

Im Tirtzu has been leading significant changes in the Israeli public and media discourse. From time to time the Movement has initiated wide-ranging public campaigns aimed at arousing a discussion on various issues. Among the movement's major campaigns, we note the following:  
  • Publishing a report and launching a campaign in the Israeli media which revealed the connection between organizations supported by the New Israel Fund and the Goldstone Report. [link]
  • Publishing a report and launching a campaign in the Israeli media which revealed the connection between organizations supported by the New Israel Fund and the ongoing witch-hunt against senior Israeli public figures abroad. [link]
  • Publishing a report and launching a campaign in the Israeli media which revealed the anti-Zionist bias and the exclusion of Zionist positions and research within Israeli academic institutions. [link]
  • A campaign that presented the positions of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, OBM, on the issue of the indivisible unity of Jerusalem.
  • Exposing the falsifications in the discourse on the issue of Israel's War of Independence and the Nakba propaganda, and publishing the Nakba-Harta booklet which presents the true historical context and facts and the distortions made by anti-Israel propaganda in its attempts to re-write history.
  •      Knesset

    Im Tirtzu has been working to promote legislation and towards the establishment of lobbies on a range of Zionist issues related among other things, to the support of those who serve in the IDF Reserve units, legislative counter-measures against the de-legitimization phenomena, and promoting Zionist values within Israeli society.

         Our Address

    POB 49530 Jerusalem 91491 Tel. 072-2506235 Fax – 02-5323002 Email: imti@imti.org.il For a comprehensive exposition of the Movement's ideology it is recommended to read Ronen Shoval's book: "Im Tirtzu – A Manifesto for a Renewed Zionism" In addition, the following are a number of important articles that present the movement's motivating principles: Zionism, the Crisis and the Solution – by Ronen Shoval and Erez Tadmor Immunodeficient Zionism – by Erez Tadmor Jerusalem: the Zionist Test – by Erez Tadmor and Ronen Shoval Positive Zionism Instead of Negative Zionism – by Ronen Shoval The Zionist Project – by Ronen Shoval and Erez Tadmor Yes, the Rejection of the Diaspora – by Uri Heitner Needed: A New Center – by Erez Tadmor and Ronen Shoval The Im Tirtzu Movement's 2008 Zionist Index The Birth of Colonialist Zionism – by Erez Tadmor If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem – by Erez Tadmor
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