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Im Tirtzu's Mission

      Building a Zionist society: Protecting and Propelling the Zionist Vision

Zionism, the idealistic movement for national self-determination of the Jewish People, has been one of the most successful political achievements in modern history.

Against all odds and with little to no resources, the early Zionists persevered in their dream of re-establishing a sovereign Jewish state in Israel, the ancestral homeland of the Jewish People. The modern state of Israel was born the Zionist vision was only partially fulfilled.

Today, Zionism as a whole is under widespread attack, not only from its traditional adversaries, but also from within. Many of those who would disparage or even discard Zionism are to be found among Israel's cultural elite, specifically and especially in the world of academia.

Despite the internal strife and struggle, Zionism continues to create and to inspire ideological dreamers. Today's dreamers are those students who have realized that the future of the Jewish state lies solely in their hands and the responsibility is now theirs, to take the lead in promoting true Zionist values and pro-Israel thought. Zionism is not the problem but rather, it is the solution. As the visionary of the modern state of Israel Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl said: "Zionism is not only the desire for the land of Israel, but also the desire to have a just and spiritual society."

Im Tirtzu's goal is to strengthen Zionist values in academia and in society as a whole while providing a home for students who know and truly understand that Zionism is their heritage and their birthright.

In just a few short years, Im Tirtzu has nurtured the patriotism, decency and optimism of tens of thousands of Israeli students and young adults, offering them a vision for moving the Zionist vision into the 21st century and propelling it forward as a vibrant movement that offers the citizens of Israel a blueprint for a just, fair and inclusive society built upon Jewish and democratic values.

Enormous effort has also been devoted to combating the de-legitimization of the State of Israel and to providing responses to post-Zionist and the ever-growing anti-Zionist phenomena. Im Tirtzu also helps to support minorities who take part in Israeli society and work to find their place in the dynamic communities across the country.

We invite you to learn more about our vibrant and growing organization. Above all, we invite you to join us as we protect the Jewish homeland and propel the Zionist Vision into the 21st Century.

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For a comprehensive exposition of the Movement's ideology it is recommended to read Ronen Shoval's book: "Im Tirtzu – A Manifesto for a Renewed Zionism"

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